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Tomorrow! Creative Conversations/digital: Citlali Fabián with James Estrin
citlali fabian
Mar 9, 2021
Location: hou

Artist Citlali Fabián will join New York Times staff photographer and writer James Estrin for a conversation focusing on Fabián’s series "Mestiza" (2014–18), which is included in FotoFest’s current exhibition, "Public Life: Home and the people who live there." For her series "Mestiza," artist Citlali Fabián created collaborative portraits with women from her inner circle, her mother, relatives, and friends as a way to explore their identity and ancestral heritage. To create these portraits, Fabián utilized a nineteenth-century photographic process known as ambrotype in order to confront and challenge the colonial photographic histories that seek to capture and contain indigenous narratives, identities, and culture.
A live Q&A with the audience will follow the discussion. Questions may be submitted via the chat interface on Zoom or YouTube.
This event will be broadcast live on Zoom and on FotoFest’s YouTube Channel. Advanced registration is required to attend the Zoom webinar.

To watch the event via YouTube, visit

Creative Conversations/digital: Citlali Fabián with James Estin - FotoFest

Citlali Fabián

Citlali Fabián is a Mexican visual artist and storyteller who uses photography to explore ways of addressing identity and its connections with territory, migration, and community bonds.
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