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Through Her Lens: Women Photographers of The Wittliff
citlali fabian
Jul 13, 2020
Location: San Marcos, Texas
Really honored to be part of Through Her Lens, at The Wittliff,  Texas State University

Through Her Lens celebrates the diversity of work created by sixty women photographers. These selected photographs highlight the depth and richness of The Wittliff’s holdings built over the past twenty years. Many of the greatest names in the history of photography are on view together with contemporary and emerging artists. This exhibition emphasizes exquisite documentary photography and creative works by artists primarily from the Southwest and Mexico. These inspiring images reveal the power and authenticity of each woman's personal vision.

Alicia Ahumada | Lola Álvarez Bravo | Yolanda Andrade | Jayne Hinds Bidaut | Gertrude Blom | Ave Bonar | Tami Bone | Kate Breakey | Susannah Broyles | Debbie Fleming Caffery | Laura Pickett Caffery | Iris Davis | Bieke Depoorter | KayLynn Deveney  | Stephanie Duprie Routh | Alinka Echeverría | Citlali Fabián | Bernice Ficek-Swenson | Nine Francois | Flor Garduño | Joan Gentry | Laura Gilpin | Maya Goded | Robin Renee Hix | Ivonne Hop | Kati Horna | Cherel Ito | Graciela Iturbide | Cristina Kahlo | Dorothea Lange | Annie Leibovitz | Deborah Luster | Mary Ellen Mark | Mayra Martell | Jackie Mathey | Anna Mazurek | Elsa Medina | Patricia Méndez Obregón | Tina Modotti | Delilah Montoya | Liz Moskowitz | Lesley Nowlin Blessing | Louise O'Connor | Holly Reed | Josephine Sacabo | Amanda Smith | Victoria Smith | Kitty Alice Snead | Cathy Spence | Marcela Taboada | Ángeles Torrejón | Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie | Andrea Turner | Doris Ulmann | Kathy Vargas | Lizeth Arauz Velasco | Laura Wilson | Mariana Yampolsky | Vida Yovanovich | Adriana Zehbrauskas

Thank you Carla M Ellard. 
Through Her Lens: Women Photographers of The Wittliff

Citlali Fabián

Citlali Fabián is a Mexican visual artist and storyteller who uses photography to explore ways of addressing identity and its connections with territory, migration, and community bonds.
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