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News Spotlight
citlali fabian
Apr 1, 2021
I'm honored and thrilled to be part of this year's Photography and Social Justice, Magnum Foundation Program, with these amazing photographers:

  • Johanna Alarcón, Ecuador
  • Fransisca Angela, Indonesia
  • Roy Baizan, United States
  • Jean Bizimana, Rwanda 
  • Citlali Fabián, Mexico
  • Mohamed Mahdy, Egypt
  • Sanna Irshad Mattoo, Kashmir
  • Jaisingh Nageswaran, India
  • Isadora Romero, Ecuador
  • Ranita Roy, India
  • Victor Zea, Peru

2021 Photography and Social Justice Fellows — Magnum Foundation
Magnum Foundation is proud to announce the 2021 Photography and Social Justice Fellows, eleven photographers, artists, journalists, and activists who are passionate about challenging injustice, pursuing social equality, and advancing human rights...

Citlali Fabián

Citlali Fabián is a Mexican visual artist and storyteller who uses photography to explore ways of addressing identity and its connections with territory, migration, and community bonds.
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